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Drone Racing League Semi Finals 12 July 2017

Drone Racing League Semi Finals 12 July 2017

Come 12th July 2017, the heat is on at the Drone Racing League Semi Finals held at the Boston Foundry! Adrenaline pumping and fast whizzing race drones compete in this amazing fast paced light fiesta! Looking like something out of Star Wars, this is a new breed of racers. Why is this a new craze among many young teenagers and adults alike? It rekindles their imaginations. Its hard not to understand why, with the super futuristic race setting and 3 Dimensional course playing with not only the traditional bends, curves and straights but also altitude.

You can catch this action live on ESPN 2 if you are the lucky ones who have access! Found out what the hype is with these racing drones!

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