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Tighter UAV security during NDP 2017

Tighter UAV security during NDP 2017

Singapore’s National Day Parade is just around the corner Singapore plans to step up their game to ensure that no drones are flown anywhere near the event. Some of you may think the reasons given are absurd, some of you may agree and support their decision to tighten the security during the event. Ultimately, Singapore is a country strict on our laws. So regardless of your stand on the matter, lets all stay out of trouble and live to fly another day!


Why you should not fly your drone recklessly?

The article below by Channel News Asia has highlighted that Singapore is now capable of deploying a radar that can detect drones 5km away. Boasting the ability to pin point the location of the drone and the pilot for authorities to take action.


The fines for flying a drone during the prohibited hours are hefty. you can be fined up to S$40,000. So considering all the possible consequences, we do strongly advise against trying anything that you would regret during this time.


What is this radar system?

Truth be told, i am sure many of us drone enthusiasts frown at the idea of having a watchful radar keeping an eye on our every action. But that did not kill our curiosity! So what exactly is this radar and what does it do? As mentioned in the CNA article, a UK based radar technology firm Aveillant sold the system to ST Electronics in February 2017. It would seem that the particular product in discussion here is the Gamekeeper 16U. All these can be found in their website in the link below.


So what are the features of this particular radar unit? Here is what we gather from their website.

  1. The Gamekeeper radar is able to detect, track and classify small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS) in full 3 dimensions to a range of 5km. With no moving parts, it continuously “floodlights” the entire field of view providing location and velocity of every object detected.
  2. UAS design and technology is changing rapidly. Gamekeeper is a software defined radar. As UAS change, the software in deployed Gamekeeper units can be updated with new algorithms and features developed by Aveillant.
  3. Gamekeeper’s high speed update rate (4x per second) provides live output, enabling an operator to observe target behaviour. Standard data output format ensures ease of compatibility and integration with additional sensors, countermeasures and C2 systems.
  4. Gamekeeper has no moving parts, minimising maintenance and operating costs, and simplifying installation. Aveillant can provide remote monitoring and maintenance, along with regular software updates, maximising system availability.

Restricted flying during  NDP rehearsals

Restricted flying during  NDP rehearsals

Fellow drone enthusiasts, it is important to note that the flying of drones during this period of NDP rehearsals can lead up to hefty fines of up to SGD 20,000 for first time offenders and SGD 40,000 for repeat offenders. Do take note from the images below from Straits Times of the time and areas where flying is strictly not allowed.

You can read more from the article in the link below!

Straits Times Article

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