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Flying cars in the not so distant future!

A place where drone enthusiasts can call home

Flying cars in the not so distant future!

Surefly Workhorse will be an affordable way to get to your destination and beat the peak hour traffic. What looks like a mammoth sized quadcoptor is actually an octocoptor designed for ease of use with simplified controls. Much like the DJI Mavic, the rotor arms can be folded to fit into your average garage. Looking at how far drone technology has come over the years and considering how easy these advancements and giant leaps have allowed almost anyone to fly a drone. We can somewhat imagine what future personal transportation would be like, remember the Jetsons?

However, we do foresee major hurdles such as infrastructure implementation of “skyroads” or “skyroutes”. How do we determind the different altitudes each flying vehicle would operate at? Would drivers change lanes vertically as well? These are all questions that have to be resolved to ensure safe usage of these personal flying vehicles.

Check out the video on the Surefly Workhorse below!


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