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Nokia enters the drone industry

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Nokia enters the drone industry

We are all familiar with the name Nokia, many of us can relate to them via the trusty Nokia phones that used to rule the mobile phone industry. All that has changed since the launch of Apple’s Iphone. So what have they been up to during this time? It seems that the Finnish tech company that used to dominate the mobile phone industry might have just set its eyes on the drone industry. It seems that Nokia has filed for a trademark and intellectual property application with the name of OVNI. Could the new drones from Nokia be called OVNI? Only time can tell, and we are waiting eagerly to see what they can bring to the drone world.

But is it too late for the Finnish tech giant to step up their game and enter into the drone industry after several others have already built up an impressive and reliable branding? What can they bring that is different from what is already out there in the market? To UAV and RC enthusiasts; the simplicity and safety measures recent technology has in place for RC aerial drones have been a big leap from its predecessors. Users no longer need to have in depth technical knowledge, not having the need to counter adjust the rotary motion and trims. This has allowed many users to pick up the hobby easily. Of course any innovative solutions and improvements are very much welcome, lets hang tight and wait for more news!

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